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A raccoon rides on an alligator


Florida: Richards Jones, a Florida native was lucky enough to view a raccoon riding on a crocodile.
When he saw the extraordinary occasion he instantly took photograph of the same without wasting a single moment.
He was walking with his family through the Ocala National Forest in Florida when he spotted the spectacular friendship between the raccoon and the alligator.
He could snap the lucky picture just before the gator slipped into the water while the raccoon jumped off and rushed away.
At that time, they were observing the alligators in the Oklawaha River and concentrated in taking photographs of the environments.
Meanwhile, a nearby raccoon became surprised by their presence.
According to Jones, it must have been asleep at that juncture and his son’s disturbance might have made the raccoon to awake up from its deep sleep.
Thus the surprised raccoon was forced to stumble toward the water and hopped on top of the gator they were watching.
According to Jones, this photo is sufficient for him for the lifetime.
Later, Jones offered his photo to the paper free of charge.
The image has become an extensive Internet sensation by this time as it has been posted on social media and numerous other sites.
Twitter users further propelled the image’s reach by using it as support for jokes.


Video on the raccoon that rides on an alligator