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A Tokyo man and his pet giant tortoise become Internet sensation


Tokyo: A Japanese man has been grabbing attention of the street people in Tokyo by walking alongside his pet, the giant African tortoise.
62-year-old Japanese man called Hisao Mitani is a funeral parlor owner in Tokyo.
He said that he had been taking his pet Bon-chan for daily walks for several years.
However, the impressive slow walking reptile and his owner have recently become an Internet sensation of people around the city.
Photos of the man walking with his colossal pet have already become viral.
Hisao said that the African spurred tortoise was a tiny baby having only five cm in diameter, when he first spotted it in a pet-store window.
As per his remembrance, it was 19 years ago that his wife spotted the little tortoise and made an instant attachment with him.
As they have no children of their own, they decided to adopt the little creature, named him Bon-chan, and cared him as their own.
But at that time, they had no idea about the creature’s magnificent growth.
Bon-chan is now a fully grown adult tortoise having 75 cm in diameter and weight a whopping 70 kg.
Over the years, the bond between Hisao and Bon-chan has only strengthened and now, both of them cannot be separated each other.
The duo go on walks together, share secrets, and even put on matching homemade outfits.
He used to take him out for walks two or three times a week as he loved these walkings.
On their long walks, Hisao always carries a bag with him containing carrots, some cabbage, plastic bags to pick up his poop and a water bottle to wash away his urine from the pavement.


Video on the Tokyo man who used to walk with a giant pet tortoise