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A woman has been caught while urinating in her parents in-laws tea


Indore (Madhyapradesh): A married woman in India is being caught red-handed while urinating in her parents in-laws tea. When questioned she admitted that she had been doing for the past one year. The 30 year old woman whose name is Rekha Nagvanshi, was sitting with her knee bent over the tea pot when her mother in law accidentally walked into the kitchen and spotted her.
Rekha was said to be unhappy regarding her arranged marriage with Deepak, who is 34.
So she was stormed out of her husband’s home located at Indore in Madhyapradesh and had been staying with her parents.
Her intimate friend Alia Kohli said that her husband had treated her like a slave and she was fed-up with her husband’s this type of behavior.
But after leaving his home he had approached her and begged to come back for the sake of their four year old daughter.
Rekha agreed to go back on the conditions that Deepak would do the cooking and washing. Apart from these she also wanted her feet to be massaged by her husband.
Deepak’s mother, Suraj (60) and his father Ajith, 55 discovered the arrangement and attempted to put an end to the practice for rescuing their son.
According to Kohli, Rekha is a strong minded woman who wanted to be independent. Moreover, the dictatorship nature of Deepak’s parents might have felt horrible to her. So, Kohli assumes that this would be the reason as to why she decided to urinate into the tea of her parents in-laws.
Displeased mum-in-law Suraj said that they used to go and visit their son and daughter in-law once or twice a week even though she didn’t like them. But they never thought that she would do this.
The parents said that she was always smiling naturally while offering tea to them. This love smeared nature of their daughter i-law never made them to think in a different way.
But when they came to know the truth they approached to the police. But according to the police the said matter was not a case to be dealt by them. So parents of Deepak are decided to take a private prosecution in this regard.
Rekha and Deepak are now decided to live apart.


Video on the Indian wife who urinated into parents in-laws tea
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