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Arthurs seat in Yercaud


Arthur’s Seat is a magnificent vantage point which locates at the top of a captivating hill located at the Yercaud tourist center. This elevated location provides an eye catching view of the Emerald Lake, eternal beauty of Yercaud Town and thrilling appearance of Shervaroyan Peak. It is said that this enchanting view point provides a bird’s eye view of the encircling mountain peaks as well as the surrounding country side. The beauty of both Sun sets as well as Sun rise can be enjoyed to its maximum from this location. A lot of visitors come to this location to have the fascinating appearance of these two natural phenomenons. A mild experience of trekking can also be enjoyed from this sightseeing location. The night view of the Yercaud town from this location is really amazing. This marvelous location is about 1. km away from the Yercaud town and approachable by a steep climb going north from the center of the town.


Video on the view of the Yercaud town from the vantage point