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Bamboo Forests in Wayanad


Bamboo forest is very unique among the natural wild life attractions in Wayanad. The abundantly growing Bamboo plants can play some significant roles in minimizing environmental problems as well as the destruction of rain forests. Bamboo existing forests perform certain essential ecological functions in tropical and subtropical forest ecosystems. The leaves of these plants are the favorite food of wild elephants. This exclusive vegetation of the forests in Wayanad is the living means of so many artisans as well as tribal people. They make a lot of usable products including furniture with the stem of bamboo plants. These plants which grow in cluster can reduce the harshness of strong wind blowing in such forests. They are also capable to control the fierceness of erosion due to heavy rain and floods in forests. A type of grain called ‘Bamboo rice’ is generally collected from these plants. The nutritious value of Bamboo rice is incomparable. Tribal people in Wayanad are expert in collecting these edible grains from the bamboo plantations. The travel and tourism authorities in Wayanad have made arrangements to offer a special menu called ‘Mulayarippayasam’ prepared with Bamboo rice. This grain variety is said to be suitable for diabetic patients. The importance of bamboo plants have forced the state forest department to cultivate as much as bamboo plantations as possible and preserve them. The south and north forest divisions in Wayanad have already grown bamboo plants over 140 hectares of forest land. Various government agencies have come up with several policies to upgrade bamboo craft as well as plantations in the Wayanad areas.


Video on Bamboo forest in Wayanad