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BBC News Channel interviewed a Labrador dog called Bounce


London: A Labrador dog called Bounce is said to have interviewed by the BBC news channel. During interview, the dog was seated behind the famous studio, in a seat normally reserved for experts, commentators and politicians.
But the dog totally took it under his pace. He didn’t talk much during the interview.
But he had a special chair to be used by VIPs and well behaved surprisingly.
The interview was carried out by BBC News presenter Julian Worricker.
Even though the interview appeared to be little one-sided, Bounce was well behaved and just laid down when he got bored.
The research was carried out by the Messerli Research Institute in Vienna.
Trained dogs were also associated to spot out either happy or angry faces with a reward.
When they later showed them pictures of people they had never seen before they didn’t display either happy or angry faces.
They reacted in such a way to suggest that they know the difference, even if they can’t express the feelings.
But Bounce was just looking around before sitting down.


Video on the BBC channel interview with a Lobrador dog