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Bear’s cave in Yercaud


Bear’s cave is one of the most captivating attractions in Yercaud. It is located in a private coffee estate near the Norton Bungalow which is assumed to be the oldest European styled bungalow in the landscape region. The Bungalow located on the way to Servaroyan Temple, was once owned by a Chennai based famous Criminal lawyer called Norton. Even though the Bear’s cave and the adjoining regions are belonged to a private property, tourists coming to Yercaud are often allowed to visit the region. Nowadays, the area around the cave is covered over with vegetation and rocks while the existing overall natural beauty adds luster to the cave.
The Cave was considered to be the house for many wild bears in ancient times and that’s how the enchanting hollow geological formation has got the name, Bear’s Cave. There is a temple close to the Cave which is said to be one of the six residences of Lord Muruga. Central area of this spectacular temple is carved out of a single rock. Hence this region is not only a tourist spot but also a religious center.
The cave has been formed out of two huge rocks and lies about 7 feet below the ground. From the main area of the cave there starts one still deeper mountain path. Local people are of the opinion that the deeper mountain path which starts from the cave lasts up to the cave seen at the Servarayan Temple located in one of the highest hills in Yercaud. Some others have the opinion that the cave path is up to the Kaveri river bank in the Kartanaka State and covers a distance of 485km. But to investigate the Bear’s Cave by going deeper is not an easy task since the inner walls of the cave are low in height. One will have to squeeze past the rocks and crawl through the passage after performing some initial walk inside the Bear’s Cave. Although one cannot go beyond few hundred meters as some fallen rocks have blocked the path. Till date no one has taken the utmost risk to move through the mountain path in the cave. But viewing features of the years old cave will be a memorable experience to visitors.
This fascinating spot is also historically very important. Bear’s Cave is believed to be the hideout of the mighty ruler Tippu Sulthan. It is also said that he would have used the underground passage in the cave as an escape route during the time of war.
The best time to visit the Bear’s Cave in Yercaud is between October and May. During these months tourists usually flow to this marvelous tourist destination in abundance. Bear’s Cave can be visited from morning till evening.


Video on the Bear’s cave in Yercaud