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Buffalo saves the life of a calf from lions


East Africa: A brave buffalo has succeeded in defending its beloved calf from savage like three hungry lions.
This brave incident was occurred in the dense forest area of Tanzania in east Africa.
The three hungry lions were chasing a group of buffalo comprising of a calf.
But, after falling behind, one among the buffaloes decided to stand up to the pack of three lions as they were eyed-up on a small buffalo calf.
The buffalo however managed to bounce away with the young baby even though the three lions were in a set up to surround the buffalo and the calf.
The 70-stone beast then made some remarkable attempts to keep the three lions away from the calf and avoided their chances to feast it.
In the very next moment, the rest of the buffaloes returned back, offering support to the lonely fighting buffalo against the sharp-toothed carnivores.
Viewing lions and buffaloes are is not too spectacular, but it is very much interesting to see them fighting. The buffaloes were very courageous to save themselves and the calf.


Video on the saving of calf from Lions