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Cambodian military use ‘life-saving’ rats to trace out deadly land mines


Lagos: Cambodia is a South East Asian nation which had been faced severe threats from extremists.
There were also civil wars in the country during 1979.
Civilian casualties due to landmine blast are very common in the riot hit areas of the country.
It is believed that there are still a lot of unablasted landmines under the soil.
Thus, in Cambodia rats are being used to trace out land-mines hidden by the extremists.
It is said that rats find out a land mine within 11 minutes whereas humans with metal detectors require up to five days for investigating the same.
According to the Cambodian government the new tactics have proven vital in removing unexploded landmines, shells etc.
As per the analysis carried out, mines and unexploded shells, have killed nearly 20,000 Cambodians and wounded about 44,000 since 1979.
Land mines and explosive remnants of war have taken a severe toll on Cambodians.
The Cambodian Mine Victim Information Service has recorded 19,684 deaths since 1979.
Cambodia is still overwhelmed with land mines after emerging from decades of war, including the 1970s Khmer Rouge “Killing Fields” genocide, leaving it with one of the world’s highest disability rates.
The landmines kept during that civil war are now removing by these trained rats.
If landmines are neutralizing with manual efforts, there are possibilities to get them blasted during that process.
But, one of the biggest advantages of using rats is that the land-mines pose no danger as the rats are not heavy enough to trigger an explosion.
For their handlers, the rats are absolutely safe when compared to the manual bomb detectors.


Video on the removal of landmines by rats

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