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Camel Festival in Mongolia starts in January


Mongolia: Camel festival in Mongolia is a celebration to honor Bactrian camel.
This typical festival is being held amid the dazzling scenery of the Gobi Desert.
The festival is a unique traditional celebration for the endangered Bactrian camel.
The celebration highlights their important roles in the lives of the Gobi’s nomads.
During the festival celebrations, Camel races and polo competitions are conducted together with the performances of traditional Mongolian music and dance.
This peculiar variety of camels in the Mongalian desert have been steadily declining over the past twelve years.
Thousand Camel Festival is celebrated by a local organization whose intention is to protect and preserve the endangered Bactrian camel population.
Visitors of the Camel Festival get the precious chance to interact and learn about these intriguing animals.
The festival begins with a marvelous colorful parade.


Video on Mongolian Camel Festival