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Campaign against light pollution in America appears wonderful


Los Angeles: Certain Photographers in Los Angeles have tried to raise awareness on light pollution in the atmosphere by showing the marvelous beauty of skyline in the absence of light. Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic could capture the wonders of the night sky in Los Angeles using still shots and time-lapse cameras. They wanted to explore the psychological effects of living in a world without stars to highlight dangers of ‘Sky-glow’. ‘Sky-glow’ or light pollution in Los Angeles means the stars in the sky cannot be visible. But the impact of light pollution robs away much of the night sky beauty by the glare of electricity from below. The photographers were well concentrated

to highlight the problems associated with light pollution in the atmosphere. For making such photos, a great deal of patience is required by the photo taking individuals. Two time-lapse cameras were used to capture the light pollution over downtown in Los Angeles. The Galactic star trails that twisted over the Los Angeles County Museum of Art were enough to supply awareness on the dangers of ‘Sky-glow’. The pictures taken by them were able to represent the wonders of the night sky free from light pollution. The Milky Way was passed over downtown Los Angeles Freeway, to show how beautiful the night sky in the city could look. Gazing up at a starry sky is one of the unique pleasures of life. To achieve this feat the photographers were put a handful of cameras across several miles of terrain in Los Angeles, each of which made 25-second exposures repeatedly for two to four hours. The time-lapse videos were comprised of hundreds of such images and used around 450 photos to create 20 seconds long film. The pair were inspired in part by the work of French artist Thierry Cohen, who had used a similar trick to create a series of photos to show how major cities might look like when illuminated only by stars.   Video on marvelous night sky beauty