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Christmas light display illuminates globally


Rome: Spectacular Christmas light displays have been seen switched on around the world.
In Italy, Pope Francis inaugurated light display by using a tablet to light Gubbio’s Christmas lights on the Italian town’s 750 metre tree.
This is considered as the largest Christ tree in the world.
Pope wished viewers ‘Happy Christmas’ and added that a Christmas without light is not at all a Christmas. According to him light is essential in people’s soul, heart etc.
He urged the need to develop the habit of forgiveness since it curbs hatred nature and hence there won’t be any enemies to anybody.
Meanwhile, Californian residents also celebrated the run-up to the holiday season by coordinating in an entire street’s lighting arrangement.
On the other side of America, crowds gathered in New York City to view the switching on ceremony of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Lights, consisting of 45,000 individual bulbs.
As per the information received, least, crowds had gathered in Trafalgar Square earlier this week to see light display from the decorated giant Christmas tree arranged at the heart of London city.


Video on Christmas light display