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Cow starts eating sheep in Kenya


Nairobi: A cow belongs to a farmer in Kenya is reported to have started eating sheep to quench its hunger. The Kenyan farmer said that one of his cows had given up its habit of having usual vegetarian diet and started eating sheep. Charles Mamboleo, who has been running a farm in south-western Nakuru County, discovered that his cow feeding on a sheep one morning. The Daily Nation website reported that the sheep was in a dead condition while it was feeding by the cow. The report has also pointed

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out the killing of another sheep by the cow on the next day. The reason for the unsatisfactory behavior of the cow was assumed to be unavailability of sufficient fresh food and water. After the first incident, the cow was seemed starving. So the owner Mamboleo increased the supply of food and water, but again happened to view the cow’s wonderful habit of chasing sheep. According to a local agricultural officer as cows are herbivores, its affinity for meat could be a sign of a nutritional deficiency.

Albert Kabugi has pointed out through the site about the lack of minerals in green grass and its deficiency in domestic animals. In 2007, a calf in West Bengal region belongs to India was filmed eating chickens. Regarding that incident, a local vet said that he was doubtful about the lack of vital vitamins as the reason behind the exceptional behavior of the calf.   Video on the sheep eating cow in Kenya