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Islamic State surrounds ancient ruins of Palmyra in Syria


Damascus: The flash of attack from Islamic State militants at the central Syrian Desert has enabled the Jihadist group to move towards the gates of the ancient city of Palmyra.
This is a UNESCO world heritage site, which is very famous for its ancient ruins and artifacts.
It is also raising the expectation of a drawn-out battle in this strategic region as the location is home to one of Syria’s largest weapon depots, military airbase and valuable gas fields.
Palmyra is also known as Tadmor and there exists one of the most salary for pharmacy technician in canada impressive relics of the ancient world.
They are assumed to have accomplished during the early third millennium BC.
According to historians the culture of the region would have incorporated into the Syrian Province by the reign of Nero in the first century AD.
The Syrian conflict has already taken a toll on the ruins of Palmyra.
The ruling authority has dug defensive trenches and dirt mounts, while rebels have raided ancient tombs to sell on the illegitimate antiquities market.
But an even larger threat comes from the self-described Islamic State sildenafil online (IS) militants who used to viagra recreational use loot or destroy the treasures of ancient Middle East civilizations over the territories they have conquered.
UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova said that Palmyra is being represented an irreplaceable treasure for the Syrian people as well as for the whole world.
Hence he has also appealed to all parties to protect Palmyra relics and make every effort to prevent its total destruction.
Cultural property expert France Desmarais has pointed out the destruction of preservation if IS registers a victory there.
According to him, the IS supremacy in the region would be devastating for the preservation of one of the most important cultural and historical sites of Syria.
The region is highly important sildenafil generic as the what would happen if a girl took viagra area linking to Iraq to the east and the capital Damascus to the southwest.


Video on ancient ruins in Palmyra, Syria