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Secrets of sweet-smelling mosquito-repellent grass


Boston: US scientists have analyzed the mosquito-repellent capabilities of sweet-grass, a plant traditionally used by some American natives to keep away bugs. In the laboratory tests, two chemicals in the sweet grass compound are found exhibiting the mosquito repellent activity. Further tests are required to see how long the activity of the sweet grass lasts. Meanwhile, researchers have pointed out the possibility of folk remedies in the currently available mosquito repellents. Charles Cantrell, a research chemist who has been working for the US Department of Agriculture referred the sweet grass as the fourth plant that they had investigated in that manner. According to him, Coumarin is the compound responsible for the mosquito repellent feature of the grass and very safe even though the compound has a strong odor. Dr Cantrell was speaking over the the 250th national meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston. In 90s, Avon ‘Skin So Soft’ had

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discovered a product which actually worked well as an insect repellent. In spite of its well known effectiveness among consumers, it was not marketed as an insect repellent. After an investigation, scientists found out one of the constituents in Skin So Soft as coumarin, which is being now isolated from sweet grass.   Video on grass containing Coumarin