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Lady driver plunges Mercedes-Benz into a river in China


Wuxi: A Mercedes-Benz car driven by a female driver is reported to have fallen into a nearby river in China.
The untoward incident was when the driver accidentally mishandled the car while trying to park it safely.
Her attempt was to park her car at a roadside parking area adjacent to the river in Jiangsu province.
The unnamed woman fortunately survived the terrible accident so miraculously.
The unfortunate incident was in the Chinese city of Wuxi.
After the accident, she was coming out of the car via her sunroof.
The guardrails built on the bank of the river were crashed by the vehicle before plunging it into the water.
Meanwhile, the woman was setting the automatic gearbox to drive rather than to take it reverse.
The women was pulled out to the shore by the police after she reportedly refused to use a lifebuoy.
It is said that she did not know how to swim. Fortunately, she didn’t suffer with major injuries.


Video on the sinking of Mercedes Benz car