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People of POK protest against Pakistan with Pro-India slogans


Delhi: Large number of citizens in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) are observed protesting against the constitution in the state, demanding freedom from Pakistan. People in large numbers were found gathered in several areas of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir shouting slogans against the government.
As per the report released, people living in Muzaffarabad, Gilgit and Kotli were observed protesting by shouting pro-India slogans. Youths from POK revealed that they are often picked up by the ISI if they refused to join ‘Jihad’ terrorism. The POK residents were angered over the lack of development in the area and said that India is far better than Pakistan.
Some protesters were also revealed on camera that Pakistan has no right to use force on them while people in Indian Kashmir are living with better support and comforts. Through slogans, they were also demanding jobs and to reinstate human rights. The incident reveals that anti-Pakistan protests are common in POK while the government of Pakistan has been using brutal force to shut their angered voices.
As per the reports, such protests can’t be considered as irregular events occurring in that area. The presence of massive crowd and the force deployment comprising of police and Army to contain them then and there is a clear indicator that these agitations are not in meager numbers but a mammoth force to imagine with.
Pakistan had recently withdrawn from the NSA-level talks with India and said that no peace process could be initiated without Kashmir being discussed.


Video on protest going on in POK against Pakistan