A thirsty leopard gets its head stuck in a pot

In accident

Rajasthan(India): A thirsty leopard was very unlucky to get its head stuck in a tight pot after he went in search of water in a mining dump in India.
The wild animal was viewed by people with its head stuck in the metal pot in an Indian village of Sardul Kheda in Rajasthan which locates at the north-west region of the country.
The leopard which observed as emotionally panic was wandering around as it struggled to get rid of the vessel.
The onlookers were trying to record and take photographs of the unusual scene.
The male leopard had been trapped for about five hours before the arrival of the forestry department fellows who finally tranquilized the animal and freed its head from the pot.

forest officer Kapil Chandrawal said that the leopard was being kept safe in an enclosure.
Veterinarians were also brought to assess its health condition of the leopard. According to them the leopard was in good health condition.
Mr Chandrawal said that the leopard was about three to three-and-a-half years old.
Devastation and disruptions going on in the wild habitats in India are the main reasons behind the conflicts between humans and animals in the country.
Here, wild animals often move into inhabited areas in search of food and prey.


Video on the Leopard which got its head stuck in a pot


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