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Curiosity Rover launched by NASA spots PYRAMID like existence on Mars


Houston: It has been reported by NASA that Curiosity Rover launched by it on Mars has captured images of a well formed pyramid.
This can be assumed as the proof of an alien civilization.
The pyramid is thought to be having the size of a car, and most people believe that it would be a simultaneous rock formation.
Meanwhile, some conspiracy theorists suggest the pyramid as the evidence of an ancient civilization on the red planet.
However, the

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YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible has further, insisted that the near perfect design and shape of the pyramid is the result of an intelligent design, and certainly not the trick of either light or shadow.
Other freaky theories have suggested that the pyramid is simply the tip of a larger structure buried underground.
Some natural viewers pointed out that the mysterious pyramid could have been formed by the strong wind blowing.
This isn’t the first time that conspiracy fans have seized on images from Mars as evidence that not all is what it seems.
Earlier this year, there were reports of pictures showing a mushroom cloud and the shadow of a workman on the Red planet.


Video on the Pyramidal structures on Mars