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Dhanushkodi in Rameswaram


Dhanushkodi in the Pamban Island situates in the south eastern tip of the Indian sub continent. This mesmerizing coastal land is very close to the Talaimannar in the Mannar Island in Sri Lanka. The mysterious submerged land connection (Adam’s bridge) between Mannar Island and Pamban Island starts from Dhanushkodi. This is a partly viewed foot bridge entirely formed of limestone. This bridge has high historical as well as religious significance. The foot bridge is assumed to have built by Lord Rama to reach Lanka for saving his consort Devi Sita from the demon king Ravana who abducted her. Dhanushkodi which is 18 kilometers away from Rameswaram is well stretched 15 kilometer long marvelous beach. Before 1964 Dhanushkodi was a populated town and a terminal station of railway passing through the Pamban Island. In December 1964, the city was washed away completely by a severe cyclonic storm which generated very high and devastating tidal waves. After this calamity Dhanushkodi became an abandoned city. Till 1964 Dhanushkodi was a flourishing tourist as well as pilgrimage center.
Before the super cyclonic storm, there were regular train services between Pamban and Dhanushkodi. Once there was a famous express train called Boat Mail between Chennai Egmore and Dhanushkodi. The train was the lone connection to the steamer which conducted services from the Dhanushkodi port in India to the Talaimannar port in Sri Lanka. After the destructive cyclone, Tamil Nadu Government declared Dhanushkodi as unfit for living. Even then, certain fishermen families are found living here fearlessly even today.
Dhanushkodi is considered to be starting point of Ram Sethu (Adam’s Bridge). The route of the foot bridge can be viewed comfortably from this location. The ancient Vibheeshana temple which adds luster to the coastal land is also a famous pilgrim center. This is the only historical evidence which survived the 1964 cyclone. The temple which locates near the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean is found encircled by water on all the four sides. The venue is assumed to be the holy location where Sri Rama crowned Vibheeshana as the king of Sri Lanka. The temple which locates at the southern tip of Pamban Island was washed away by the 1964 cyclone. Now the pilgrims can view the remnants of this ancient structure.
Visitors can reach Dhanushkodi either by walking along sea shore or by driving vehicles like jeeps and tempos. Apart from the enchanting sightseeing available from the long stretched beaches people can visit the Gulf of Mannar Marine national park which highlights the biodiversity existing in that area. Surfing in the blue sea water is the other thrilling entertainment that can be performed at Dhanushkodi. At the tip of the Island where Ram Sethu can be viewed, the sea is appeared to be shallow. So tourists can walk over Bay of Bengal and view the cute colorful coral reefs, fishes, seaweeds, star fishes and sea cucumber. The calamity deserted and mystically beautiful Dhanushkodi offers spectacular seashore scenery with a massage of cool breeze. The view of the early morning sunrise is beautiful enough to render a life long memory.


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