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Dinosaur egg fossils recovered from a city center in China


Heyuan: Road workers in southern China are reported to have recovered 230 million years old dinosaur egg fossils. Archaeologists are carrying out tests to establish the species they belonged to.
These dinosaur egg fossils were found to have buried under the city of Heyuan belongs to the Guangdong Province in China. They were found by workers while carrying out road repairs in the city.
Among the 43 eggs recovered, 19 of them were fully unimpaired.
The colossal dinosaur eggs are assumed to have laid somewhere between 65 and 230 million years ago.
As per analysis, their age coincide with Mesozoic Era during when tyrannosaurus rex and co were roamed on the Earth.
Archaeologist Du Yuanli, who runs the local dinosaur museum, said that the eggs were grouped together in 14 different fossils, with the largest egg measuring 13 cm in diameter.
Tests will now be carried out to establish the species of the dinosaur eggs.
Du Yuanli said that the eggs were found

in the rock strata of red sandstone and it was from these environments, the other dinosaur egg fossils recovered years before.
Thus, the Heyuan city has given its major contribution regarding dinosaur discoveries, with bones, footprints and eggs, collected from the same environmental sector.
However, the most recent discovery is the largest of its kind in the city center.
Yuanli has urged residents and construction workers in the region to be cautious in case they make any discovery, and asked them to inform authorities if they come across anything related to dinosaur.
In 2004, the Heyuan Dinosaur Fossil Museum was recognized by the Guinness World Records for housing the world’s largest collection of dinosaur egg fossils.


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