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Disabled woman writes 60,000 word novel using just her left foot


China: A 21 year old disabled Chinese woman called Hu Huiyuan has been written a novel comprising of 60000 words.
She belongs to a rural community of Anhui province in eastern China.
At this region of China, even able-bodied children struggle to get a formal education.
The young woman who has been suffering from cerebral palsy can only move her left foot.
Even as a baby she was determined to learn herself to read and write using television subtitles.
In such adverse circumstances, she was deciding to write a 60,000 word fiction novel using just her toes.
Her proud parents Peng, 49, and wife Sun, 47, said that her entire life story has been about withstanding the odds.
When she was born the doctors said that she would not survive more than a few days, but she could overtake that adversity.
She has eventually learned to do all sorts of everyday tasks using just her foot.


Video on the disabled Chinese woman