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Dog saves owner during a petrol station robbery


United Kingdom: A heroic dog is reported to have saved its owner during a petrol station robbery.
The dog was preventing the theft attempt by biting the suspect twice on the face.
Police in Maine have confirmed that the man had made a stern attempted to steal cash from the shop.
But before he could achieve it, he was stopped in his tracks by the huge canine
Saco Deputy Chief Jeffrey Holland said that the man was attempted to rob the employee at a petrol station.
The employee who refused to hand over money was holding onto his dog.
The dog did not make any delay in attacking the robber.
Holland said that the man was fled in a pickup truck and is still at sizable.
He described the pit bull-boxer mix dog as a “good-sized”.
According to him, the employee used to bring the dog to work with him.


Video on the petrol station robbery