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Duck Duck Go


Duck Duck Go is a new device to browse World Wide Web (WWW). It can provide efficient, powerful and appropriate search results to users with its unique facilities. This special search tool is said to be developed by Gabriel Weinberg in the year 2008. The institution that launched Duck Duck Go is Paoli in Pennsylvania which belongs to the United States of America. The name of the browser is originated from the famous children’s game ‘Duck Duck goose’. This is a reliable substitute for the widely using Google Chrome. It is said that Duck Duck Go gives high priority to the privacy of users and avoids filtration of individual searches. It stores neither IP address nor asks informative details during Log in. This indicates that the search engine has no intention to share personal data.


The pages of this search engine tool are neither numbered nor marked for enabling the user to scroll and catch required information easily. It provides an instant recognition to the favorite search sites of the user. Unlike other major search engines, Duck Duck Go has the capability to provide same search results to its users for a particular keyword all the time. Moreover it gives preference to best sources rather than most sources. Duck Duck Go has the feature to filter pages having considerable advertisements. Exceptional and sophisticated technicalities are used with this facility to keep queries of consumers absolutely anonymous. The browser is designed with an intention to provide reasonable as well as fast services to its users. For this, data available form more than 100 major sites are offered by this browser.


Duck Duck Go facilitates the usage of a number of free tools including official and unofficial ones which increase the functionality of the search engine to a great extent. It also provides the application of a default search tool for insignificant browsers. Thus, this is a unique browser with user-friendly features other than Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc. The services available through Duck Duck Go such as calculations and detection of special information are helpful to people for performing coding as well as website related works. It is considered as the unique search engine having own crawler called the Duck Duck Bot. The device supports a great deal for compiling the index of the web. Moreover it offers the best available results from the multiple sources after filtration and thus avoids spam.


As a general purpose search engine, Duck Duck Go highlights its own qualities of relevance. It performs as a remarkable search tool and allows users to browse comfortably through required sites. Moreover the algorithm of the search engine varies considerably to generate a genuinely different view point or opinion regarding the quality content in the website. Numerous sites ranging from normal research to a variety of entertainments can be browsed easily with the support of shortcut-hits of the search engine. Since it does not collect, store or share any personal information, it keeps up the privacy of users while offering satisfactory search results. The ability of Duck Duck Go to deliver the best accessible site directly with out displaying the browsing details of the user makes it absolutely outstanding from other search engine tools.


Video on Duck Duck Go