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Eagle takes an amazing footage of Paris city from the tip of the Eiffel tower


Paris: An eagle has been sent to the top of the Eiffel tower by keeping a video camera on its back to collect the images of Paris city.
However, Victor, the white-tailed eagle has succeeded amazingly in taking the footage of the city from the tip of the Eiffel Tower.
The views of the city is absolutely marvelous from the top of the iconic landmark as per the images collected by the video camera.
The resulting footage offered an incredible glimpse into how the globally famous Paris looks like from the back of a bird which flies at a height equivalent to Eiffel tower.
After launching himself off the Tower, Victor glided over the Trocadero before plunging to the ground at a speed of about 180 km/h to meet his handler.
Only a few people have ever enjoyed in person, the beauty of Paris from this vantage point.
Now, by viewing the video, everyone can see what Paris looks like from the imaginary tip of the Eiffel Tower.


Video on footage taken by a Eagle