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Elephant attacks Indian villagers when they threw firecrackers at it


Siliguri (India): A group of Indian villagers are reported to have run for their lives after being tried to scare an elephant by throwing firecrackers at it.
As per the reports, the animal was turned around and started charging at them, just after the blast of the firecrackers.
Both the forest guards and villagers were tried to scare the animal away.
Earlier, the group were thrown stones at the animal and the same did not give any positive response from the animal.
This is the reason why they began throwing firecrackers at the animal and it resulted an unexpected reverse attack from the animal.
The area around Rakamjote, at the base of the Himalaya mountains, is with thick forest and vulnerable to regular elephant attacks as the expanding town has been pushing the habitat of the creatures into the deep forests.
Earlier this year, a wild elephant had attacked nearby Jalpaiguri district and killed three villagers by destroying four homes.
The animal had also killed three buffaloes by hurting them badly.
Recently, another four people were killed by an elephant attack in Bihar district which locates just a short distance away from Siliguri.
Forest guards are authorized for looking after India’s natural rain-forests by protecting the trees from being cut down and wild animals from being hunted.
However, now they are possessed with a little more than the regular wooden stick which used to give them to protect themselves.
They are said to be poorly trained and underpaid.
They are increasingly found themselves on the front-line as elephant attacks become more common.
They have to struggle hard to protect villagers, and make sure that the elephants are not being harmed.
Remote towns expansion are the main reason behind wild animal attacks on villagers and domestic animals.


Video on the usage of firecrackers to scare wild elephants