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Elephant crushes a car in Thailand


Nakhon Ratchasima(Thailand): A car is reported to have crushed by an 8 year old elephant at a Thailand national park.
The wild animal was seen destroying the vehicle by climbing onto the hood of it while attempting to pass through the park.
After stepping up onto the vehicle hood, the elephant was attempting to move on.
As he got up to move, the windshield of the car got crushed from under the feet of the elephant.
Officials at Khao Yai National Park in Nakhon Ratchasima said that the bull elephant was climbing onto the roof of a family’s car.
It is believed that this unusual behavior of the elephant was the feature of the mating season, causing males to act more aggressively than normal.
According to the officials the male elephants usually develop some stress during mating season and movement of vehicles might be one of the reasons that enhance their tension.
Nobody in the vehicle is reported to have got harmed. The animal was also responsible for damaging two pickup trucks and a taxi.
One of the government veterinarians who monitors the park’s wildlife, said that the unusual attacks on vehicles by the elephant might be following the expulsion of the animal from its herd to prevent mating with relatives while “in heat.”


Video on Elephant’s attack on a car