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Firefighters rescue a dog whose head got stuck inside a wheel rim


Indianapolis: Firefighters often have certain odd chances to make miraculous rescues of both men and animals. Here, a stray dog’s head was accidentally stuck in the rim of an old car wheel. But to his luck, the Indianapolis fire department was more happy to get his trapped head out of the wheel rim. To achieve this, they had to exhibit a fair amount of tactics and persistence. It was pretty amazing to see what these guys were done to rescue the dog. The ill-fated stray dog called Jimma was brought to the

firefighters by a charity minded woman. It was really pity for them to see the dog in such a condition. The twenty year woman told them that she used to feed the dog twice daily. The dog was found stuck to the wheel rim by the woman while she was returning from her work. Having no idea about rescuing the dog, she loaded the domestic animal into her car and drove to the neighborhood firehouse. Even though no resistance, the dog was appeared to be stable. In the beginning, the firefighters were tried to rescue the dog using liquid soap and oil, but all such efforts were in vain. Then they sought help of a tactical team located in another station. They eventually used tools meant to cut break the wheel rim. According to the fire department, the attempt of the Station 5 members to rescue the dog using liquid soap and oil for ten minutes was found to be unsuccessful. The tactical team from Station 14 who arrived

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on scene later were done their best to get Jimma free. Their initial effort to set the dog free with small vehicle extraction tools were unsuccessful. However, they soon found a way to save her by bringing tools that were used to cut brake pedals on cars. Firefighters were to make several essential cuts in the rim and later used spreaders to further break the rim. They were tried more than an hour to cut open the rim completely. The rescued Jimma was later taken home by the woman who brought him.   Video on firefighters attempt to rescue a dog whose head got stuck inside a wheel rim