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German Shepherd dog undergoes emergency surgery to remove the swallowed six golf balls


New Castle: A German shepherd pet dog called Murphy is reported to have swallowed six Golf balls. When the dog appeared to have some uneasiness, owner David Larson thought that the dog would have accidentally taken in a bone. But when the vet told him about what was actually happened, he was totally astonished. The dog was then advised for a lifesaving emergency operation, after it was discovered that he had swallowed six golf balls. The X ray taken before the surgery was spotted “six big foreign bodies” in the stomach of the seven-year old rescue dog. After the operation Murphy is said to have been recovering from home. According to the owner, there were no possibilities for the dog to come in contact with Golf balls. But the dog

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had been with him only for the last eighteen months. So the balls might have swallowed by the dog before that time frame. Owner David Larson said that the dog was being appeared much brighter and much more playful than before after the operation. The complicated surgery was carried out by the expert vets at Westway Veterinary Group hospital in West Road in Newcastle. Vet Mandy Ball said that Murphy had been vomiting, had a very painful abdomen and was dehydrated. According to him his condition was absolutely life-threatening at that juncture. The doctors were stabilized him with a drip, pain killers and antibiotics before going ahead with the surgery in the very next morning. They were given him a general anesthetic before proceeding to cut open his stomach to remove the six golf balls. After the removal of the Golf balls, Dr. Mandy has warned dog owners not to allow their pet dogs to play with golf balls during summer.   Video on the German Shepherd dog which swallowed six Golf balls