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Google hopes to bring self-driving cars on roads within five years


United States: Google desires that its autonomous self-driving cars should be on public roads within five years.
The officials in Google’s car manufacturing unit said that the self driving cars have to tackle safety challenges and work for the positive opinions from the public.
Google is now working with U.S regulators on testing their driver-less cars and expressed the hope that there won’t be any kind of regulatory blocks regarding the manufacturing of such cars.
It was in 2009 that Google brought the idea of self driving cars in front of the public.
They started the event by testing their own autonomous cars.
The autonomous-car project is part of Google X. Google X is the innovation lab of Google for the sophisticated and novel technology.
Earlier they had designed Google Glass Web-connected eye-wear.
Several automobile manufacturers such as Tesla Inc. and Daimler AG have pointed out concerns regarding the feasibility of self-driving cars .
Moreover, Telsa CEO has pointed out the lack of clarity on the part of regulators.
According to him, such difficulties may delay the introduction of the fully-autonomous vehicle until at least 2022.


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