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Gun men kill five people in Mali


Bamako: In Mali gunmen are reported to have killed at least five people in a surprise attack on a hotel in the central town of Sevare. A lot of UN officials had been staying in that hotel As per the recently collected information, among the dead, there were Malian soldiers also. according to the the UN mission in the country, plavix generic one member of the international organization was also killed plavix cost in the attack. It is said that an unknown number of hostages were still being held-up at the Byblos Hotel in Mali. Mali is one of the countries which has been fighting against Islamist rebels in the north for a number of years. A spokesman for the Russian embassy in Mali said that one of those being held-up was a Russian citizen. Earlier, officials in Kiev said that an Ukrainian

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citizen was also believed to have captured as hostage by the gunmen. Army spokesman Lt Col Diarran Kone told Associated Press that the operation to free hostages was already started. The effort to fee all captured was still going on when the last reports came in. Two of the gunmen attacked the hotel were killed during the encounter with the security forces. Nobody has shouldered the responsibility of the attack till this time. In a statement, the UN mission in Mali (Minusma) has condemned the evil attack in strongest words.   Video on Mali Hotel attack