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Heavy floods in India kill more than 100


New Delhi: More than hundred people are reported to have killed in following heavy monsoon rains in India.
According to the home ministry sources, tens of thousands of people are taken shelter in various relief camps during the past one week.
Meanwhile, a cyclone is reported to have struck the state of West Bengal, killing 48 people in various flood-related incidents where more than 200,000 people were moved to relief camps in the state. Severe floods are common in India during the monsoon season.
Wind and rain from Cyclone Komen have added incomparable damages to villages in India in recent days.
According to the home ministry in India, nearly four million people living in 10,000 villages in West Bengal had been badly affected by the floods. West Bengal in is considered to be the worst flood effected state in India.
More than two hundred medical teams are deployed in these areas to control the outbreak of water-borne diseases.
Authorities have arranged 120 boats to take these medical teams to the different flood hit locations.
Another 28 flood-related deaths have also been reported from northern Rajasthan state in India.
There, rescue workers have evacuated nearly 10,000 people to elevated locations
Some four million people living in 14 districts in the western state of Gujarat have been affected by floods after heavy rainfall in the last few days.
At the same time, at least five people have died in the eastern state of Orissa, where more than 400,000 people are affected by the floods.
At least 20 people are reported to have killed following a landslide in the north-eastern state of Manipur.
Generally, 80% of the annual rainfall in India will be during the monsoon season which occur between June and September.
Meanwhile, in nearby Myanmar, at least 27 people are reported to have killed in severe floods.
Perpetual rain over several weeks has resulted to dangerous flooding and landslides in much of the country.
The refugee camps in Rakhine near the nation’s capital Sitwe which has been declared a disaster zone have been damaged.
As per the UN reports, 140,000 people are living in the camps where most of them are Rohingya Muslims.


Video on floods in India which killed nearly 100 people