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Japanese Engineers develop ‘Car in a bag’


Tokyo: Japanese engineers are reported to have manufactured world’s first ultra-portable “car in a bag”.
This handy vehicle which works on batteries can be comfortably carried in a backpack or bag while

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the same is being called as the Walk Car.
The laptop-sized personal vehicle weighing less than seven pounds is developed by a 26-year old engineer Kuniako Saito and his team Cocoa Motors.
This Walk Car transporter which looks like an amalgam of a laptop or skateboard is powered by Lithium battery.
The slim and lightweight vehicle manufacturing in aluminum is found in two versions called indoor and outdoor with slight variations in their weight.
According to the inventor Saito, this Walk Car is capable enough to push a wheelchair and its shiny aluminum board can carry a weight up to 120 kg (265 pounds).
The riding mechanism of the Walk Car is found to be very simple. It starts running automatically when the traveler steps over it and it stops after stepping off.
The task of changing the direction can be easily performed by shifting the body weight of the traveler.
The Car in a Bag can attain a maximum speed up to 10 km/hr (6.2 mph).
To get maximum benefit out of the battery, it is to be charged for three hours continuously, so that it can run up to a distance of 11.2 km (7 miles).
The orders for the Walk Car is expected to begin in October via a Kick starter campaign.


Video on the functioning of Walk Car manufactured in Japan