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Kidnapped baby girl reunited with her parents after 17 years


Cape Town(South Africa): A South African woman is reported to have approached a court in Cape Town over the kidnapping of her baby daughter from hospital about 17 years ago.
The biological parents of the kidnapped girl called Celeste and Morne Nurse happened to reunite with the girl after she was enrolled in the same school where her sister has been studying.
After acknowledging the similarity of the two girls, the biological family invited the kidnapped girl for coffee and then contacted police.
DNA tests have confirmed the identity of the girl and so, she has been now under the care of social workers.
Mr Nurse said that his daughter was receiving extensive counseling from the kidnapped family.
According to his wife, the association with her daughter was just like a dream.
She said to Cape Talk radio that the initiation of their association was when her daughter happened to meet her sister at the school.
She has also added that there was an unbelievable connection between them.
The other woman and her husband who are responsible for the abduction of the girl are living in a flat at Cape Town. It is said that they have no other children.
The woman, aged 50, is being charged with kidnapping, fraud and infringe of the Children’s Act.
During these past 17 years, she was fraudulently pretending as if she is the biological mother of the child.
The controversial case has been postponed to next month.


Video on the reunion of the kidnapped baby girl with her parents