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Kurusadai Island in Rameswaram


Naturally beautiful Krusadai Island is situated west of Pamban Bridge between the mainland and the Pamban Island. Hence the small island in Gulf of Mannar can be viewed from Rameswaram in the Pamban Island. This enchanting marine biosphere is not only a paradise for marine biologists but also an unavoidable location for Nature lovers. It is about 4 km from Mandapam in Rameswaram. Kurusadai Islands is the haven of rare and endangered species of aquatic life. Rameswaram. Kurusadi Island reveals the prosperity of biodiversity.
This is a favorite exploration spot for marine specialists and aquatic researchers. The Islands has a global recognition for the existence of unique coral reefs. Scholars from various places come to this island to conduct researches as well as studies. Around the island, there are numerous small islands. With proper approval from the fisheries department the place can be visited by common people.
Krusadai Islands offer a visual delight to tourists by rendering the sight of dolphins and sea-cows or Dugongs diving freely in the Gulf of Mannar. The place has too much importance when compared to the neighboring Islands as it encloses the exclusive wealth of uncharacteristic balanoglossus organisms which are considered to be rare and precious among living fossils. Hence, this location has much potential for eco-tourism, scholars and ecologists.
Sea anemone is another interesting asset of the Islands. The organism takes the shape of an amoeba at the instant it is touched, disturbed or threatened by the presence of some foreign body lies near by.
The infinite range of sea weeds, multicolored coral reefs and sea grasses spread over the shallow bed of sparkling water are seen around. This featured sight brightens up the entire ambience of the location. From shades of violet to red, the raised coral reefs of the Islands are not only a special attraction of the place but also help get high rank in the list of marine biologists. From algae, starfish and sponges to crabs and sea cucumbers, Krusadai Islands is known to be the living place of many other attractive generations of aquatic species.
Representing the widespread reserve of outstanding flora and fauna, Krusadai Island protects and encourages the vigorous growth of marine species. This island is under the control of Tamil Nadu Fisheries Department and needs special permission to visit.Being next to Mandapam, Krusadai Island is connected to nearby places of tourist interest via the Pamban Bridge. Only a 20km driveway from Rameswaram, the Island offers convenient transportation facilities to the visitors.
Krusadai Island is a famous tourist destination with well-equipped network of modern high-class hotels and guest houses. The beautiful cottages provide a rustic charm while the contemporary hotels offer amenities along with personalized care and comfort.


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