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Ladies Seat, Gents Seat and Children Seat in Yercaud


Ladies Seat, Gents Seat and Children Seat are the vantage points on the Yercaud hills which situate south-west to Shevaroy Hill ranges. These spots are present in the form of a seat, which overlooks the Salem town and ghat road which leads to Yercaud. From this location, the view of the hairpin bends in the ghat road is really captivating. The ladies seat, gents seat and children seat altogether appear as a cluster of Rocks among the Yercaud hills overlooking the Salem town. This is the most visited place in Yercaud because of its misty mountain ranges and picturesque environments. Other eye catching views that can be had from this vantage points are hotel establishments and local homes situated in the midst of greeneries.
It is believed that an English Lady of yester years had used to spend her evenings at this vantage points for enjoying the panoramic view of the Yercaud valleys. In addition, the place also houses a viewing tower, which is equipped with a telescope so as to enjoy the beautiful view of Mettur Dam and adjoining areas. The night view of the Salem town with millions of twinkling lights is an outstanding experience. The viewing tower in the area is opened for visitors only during the day time. The mini-park located adjacent to this vantage point is a breath taking picnic spot. Those who come with family members can relax at this location after enjoyment and sightseeing. It is said that there are presence magnesite deposits at these rocky areas. This place is about two kilometers apart from the Salem town.


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