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Maggi noodles ordered off India’s shelves due to lead level


New Delhi: Several of Indian states are ordered to remove a popular brand of instant noodles from shelves of shops and super markets after tests revealed the presence sildenafil 100mg of lead constituent above

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levels. The popular noodle brand is ‘Maggi’, manufactured by Nestle India, a subsidiary of Swiss-based Nestle SA. Nearly 10 Indian states have either ordered the withdrawal of the Maggi noodles from shops or ordered further sildenafil over the counter testing of noodle samples. Action against its maker, Nestle India Limited will plavix generic be taken on the basis of these laboratory results. Maggi sales are plunged in India since laboratory tests showed that the noodles have the presence of lead above the permissible level. This is a chemical flavor enhancer known as mono-sodium glutamate, or MSG and its presence was higher than the legal minimum. The Delhi government has decided to file a can clomid cause pregnancy symptoms case against the company while officials of Nestle India limited, decided to convene a meeting regarding the issue. Nestle India Ltd said in a statement that they used to monitor all their raw material for lead content, by regularly conducting tests in accredited laboratories. According to them such tests have consistently shown levels of lead in Maggi Noodles to be within permissible limits. In the statement, they have also added that the noodles they manufactured were safe to eat and the lead levels were well within limits. Meanwhile the Delhi city government said that it had conducted tests on 13 samples of Maggi noodles so far. 10 out of 13 samples were found to be unsafe with lead constituent exceeding the permissible level. estradiol levels on clomid   Video on excess lead content in Maggi noodles