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Mandapam beach in Rameswaram


Mandapam is the nearest mainland to Rameswaram which is a pilgrim as well as tourist center. Hence, the place is considered to be the entrance to the sacred historic island blessed with unique natural beauty. The location is popular for its spectacular sea beach which appears really enchanting. Mandapam beach can also be considered as the gateway to many small Islands located near the Pamban Island where the sacred Rameswaram is located. The sightseeing and eye catching views of tiny islands enhances the appearance of the marvelous place.
Tourists and pilgrims visiting Rameswaram like to spend some time at this beach as the location offers peaceful and serene atmosphere. The marvelous coastal region characterized by long stretches of sand is featured with natural coral reefs. Both domestic and foreign tourists arriving here are interested to visit the formation of these wonderful coral reefs lying beneath the seawater level.
The beach is provided with an amusement Park designed specifically for kids. The amusement park in Mandapam beach makes the children enjoy fully. There are facilities to make them involved by some attractive activities. The park is furnished with excellent fountain, artificial coral reefs, artificial starfish, games and hillocks. The Mandapam beach park is nearly forty acres and hence covers a large area. The extremely isolated beach area gets life mainly because of this park and tourists arriving here. With a splashing sea shore, the place is just perfect for spending a sun-tanned vacation under the coconut trees. The nearby islands that enhance the aesthetics of the Mandapam can be easily explored along this beach.
The thrilling boat ride is one of the prime attractions of Mandapam that is frequently used by the travelers. The local fishing communities can help them by facilitating a smooth boat ride through water encircling the beautiful tiny islands. Another attraction is the glass bottomed boats arranged by forest department. A Journey through these boats enable tourists to view the spectacular coral reef formations as well as other under water life in the sea.
Viewing the fishermen family and studying their routine life may be another attraction to the tourists arriving at Mandapam. Surfing through the waves of the calm and quite sea water, tourists can learn the life of those rural fishing communities living in the island. Mandapam is linked to Rameswaram via the two km long Indira Gandhi Bridge. Pamban Rail Bridge at Palk Straits is the another link which established connection between Rameswaram Island and mainland.


Video on Mandapam beach