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Manjakuvai Viewpoint in Yercaud


Manjakuvai Viewpoint is one of the marvelous sightseeing locations in Yercaud. The climate here is very pleasant and the place is quite famous for its picturesque environments and landscape scenes. The forests around this point support an excessive category of flora and fauna. The viewpoint with evergreen environment comprising of trees and bushes is the house for Bison, mongoose, deer and foxes. The structure of the location amazingly makes one feel that the hills terminate at this pint. During winter the place becomes too thrilling with the encircling misty mountain ranges. The beautiful roundabout slopping road which moves downwards with a sensational steepness is really a metaphor to the greenery views. This view point is a less known location as it is still under development. However, this is a nice place to be visited. The rows of tightly packed Silver Oak trees which form neat en-route columns to this place add sheen and grace to this a photogenic area. The viewing tower at this place is open to tourists only during daytime. Adventure loving visitors can go for a trekking from this mountain viewpoint. Around this location there are no shops during off season. If required assistance, visitors have to rely on local villagers staying around. There are also affordable and comfortable resorts near to this fantastic location.


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