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Matrimonial services meant for divorcees are increasing in India


New Delhi: It is a well known fact that India still has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world.
But nowadays marriage breakdowns are becoming more common in the country.
This is mainly because of the differences of opinions between the couples.
Most of those splitting up their relations are are members of the prospering, urban middle class whose lives have been transformed by the economic bonanza.
Some people find their life-mate, marry each other, divorce and then try to re-marry.
This kind of life of the married girls appears to be absolutely pathetic.
But it is what happening now in India. Almost all such marriage now ends in divorce.
They are never willing to come together again and lead a happy family life.
In certain cases, couples try to remain separated because of difference in their opinions.
They do not know when to divorce. The main reason behind these circumstances is lack of commitment towards marriage life.
This is common in marriages which occur out of love.
In arranged marriages such a circumstance will not arise as the couples get ample support from their respective families and societies.
In case any difference arises, the respective families shoulder those responsibilities and try to resolve the differences amicably.
The increasing number of divorces in the society has led to a huge rise in the number of matrimonial services meant for the divorcees.


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