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Mexican policeman suspended following a crocodile firing incident


Sinaloa (Mexico): A Mexican police officer has been suspended after knowing that he had been killed a crocodile.
As per the video posted on YouTube, a man in uniform was seen killing a crocodile with a machine gun.
The incident was reported to be at a water treatment plant in the north-western state of Sinaloa.
On account of the incident an investigation is being ordered by the authorities.
The accused police officer will have to be faced criminal charges with a punishment up to nine years imprisonment. Crocodiles are considered as protected species in Mexico.
Local media said that the crocodile had posed a threat to the local population.
In the footage the man was seen shooting at the crocodile several times after it was pulled to the side of the pond in a fishing net.
A group of men in civil defense shirts were seen cheering at the shooting sight.
After the shooting they were warned the police officer that the animal was still alive and asked him to shoot at its head.
A second man in uniform then joined him and both of them finished the crocodile off with their handguns.
Arturo Duarte Garcia, Mayor of the Ahome city said that the killed crocodile was a threat to the population near the water treatment plant.
He added that the excess of violence regarding this was regrettable.
The Mayor told the AP news agency that the decision to kill the crocodile should be analyzed on the basis of the danger created by the crocodile to the local people.


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