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Mexico bans baby formula at hospitals


Mexico City: phone mobile spy In an effort to encourage breastfeeding, the Mexican government has decided to ban free baby formula supplied at hospitals. Health authorities said that such baby formula could still be available at shops on presenting a request from a doctor. The new approach by the government is to correct the existing low breastfeeding rates in the country. Currently, Mexico is one of the Latin American countries having the lowest breast feeding rates. As per the analysis carried out by the World spy phone software in india Health organization, find someone to do my homework only write my peper one in seven mothers of Mexico were found breastfeeding exclusively during the first six months of a new born baby. According to them, breastfeeding for the first six months is the optimal way of feeding infants. They have also pointed out the importance of breastfeeding infants along with adequate complimentary foods, up to the age of two or beyond if possible. The Mexican health authorities are concerned about the poor breastfeeding record of the country where millions of people live in extreme poverty while the available drinking water is appeared to be essay writing often dirty or contaminated. The Mexican government said that it would no longer be allowed to broadcast on baby formula at hospitals and clinics in a bid to come up from the low breast-feeding rates. The Federal Health Risks Oversight Agency said that anyone could still buy baby formula at stores on doctor’s request for research purposes. But the agency argued that free samples of such baby formulas were to be be excluded from private and public hospitals as it would develop a tendency to discourage breast-feeding. Nutrients and growth factors are abundant in mother’s milk, when compared to those in the baby formula. The natural nutrients and antibody boosters present in the breast the best teacher essay milk can protect newborns from the early stage infections.   Video on the ban of baby formula in Mexico Hospitals