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Michelle Obama is filmed while dancing awkwardly


Washington: During a Vine Q & A session to promote healthy living, Michelle Obama was asked to explain how many calories she could burn while turning up.
This prompted the First Lady to record a clip of her dancing performance.
First Lady Michelle Obama danced with a turnip and managed to make it look more adorable than awkward.
She was participating in a Twitter Q & A session when President Obama, the impersonator asked her on how many calories she could burn each time when she turned up.
She didn’t respond with a number answer, instead she did post a vine of her dancing to DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What” with a turnip clutching in her right hand.
Now the hit song forever will be associated with eating vegetables.
The short video was posted to The White House’s official Vine website and quickly went viral.
Michelle Obama really was pulling out all the stops to hammer home her healthy eating message.
In a rather awkward attempt to connect with kids, the first lady has posted an odd rap video of her dancing with a turnip.
The cringe-worthy clip is irresistible and has gone viral since it was posted.


Video on Michelle Obama’s dancing performance