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Mom and baby survive Colombia Jungle plane crash miraculously


Bogota: A mother and her infant son who were reported to have disappeared days before in a plane crash occurred in the dense jungles of northwestern Colombia are now found alive. Authorities said that they were doing well and referred the escape as absolutely miracle. Nelly Murillo, 18, and her son Yudier Moreno who has not yet reached one year age, were lying near the accident site. The plane Cessna 303 was crashed in a thick brushy sector in the region. Colonel Hector Carrascal, commander of the Colombian Air Force in Antioquia department said that the escape of the mother and her infant child was really an unbelievable incident. He exclaimed that the spirit of his mother would have given him strength to survive. Murillo and her baby having minor injuries were taken to the nearest hospital by an helicopter. Carrascal was surprised to know that they were still alive. The Colombian Air Force said in a statement that the lady had wounds and minor burns and obviously the child was diagnosed unharmed.

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The plane’s pilot, Captain Carlos Mario Ceballos, was found dead in the crash as rescuers could recover his body from the ill-fated aircraft. They were discovered the doors of the plane as opened and suspected the survivors might have struggled to come out. A 14-person search-and-rescue team is said to have searched the dense forest for several days before finding the mother and child. The plane was traveling between Nuqui and Quibdo in northwest Colombia when the crash occurred. Investigators have been trying to find out the cause of the accident.   Video on Columbia Jungle plane crash