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Mother Dolphin tries to revive her calf from the sea near Rome


Ostia: It was really heartbreaking to see a dolphin attempting to revive its dead calf at the coast of Ostia, near Rome in Italy.
The adult dolphin could be seen desperately trying to waken its calf, while it was floating lifelessly over the water.
The distressed parent was repeatedly pushing the calf with its nose but from the surface it was clear that the young animal was almost dead.
The unusual caring nature exhibited by the adult dolphin was really a touching scene.
The tear-jerking occasion was filmed by researchers of the dolphin charity Oceanomare Delphis.
As there was no specific information regarding this incident, the researchers presumed that the adult dolphin which was trying to awake the small one could be the mother.
According to the charity workers there was also another dolphin near by which appeared to be accompanying and supporting the pair.
Researchers from the nonprofit conservation and research organization, said that the reason for the death of the calf dolphin was unknown.
According to Neuro scientist Lori Marino the dolphins were exhibited surprisingly high levels of intelligence and social behavior.
Following the heartbreaking moment, the charity group have urged members of the public to alert them in case any more dolphins are viewed at the Roman coast.


Video on the dolphin which tries to awaken her dead calf which floats over water