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Nearly 1 million ‘love locks’ are removed from famous Paris bridge


Paris: Paris city officials have started removing padlocks fastened to one of the French capital’s main bridges by loved-up couples as symbol of their love.
In recent years it has become a tourist tradition to tie-up the bridge with a love lock and throw the key into the River Seine beneath.
But part of the bridge’s railings were collapsed last year under the weight of the

Paris authorities have now removed hundreds of thousands of metal padlocks from iconic Pont des Arts bridge with the new anti-romantic token ban for security reasons. can you eat green vegetables while taking plavix
This new decision would possibly break millions of loved hearts around the world.
Both Parisians and tourists had been attaching such love tokens to the famous 19th century bridge for years.
The padlocks were to symbolically memorialize their love.
As the tradition has become so popular, it put the structure at utmost risk.
There were over 700,000 attached sildenafil vardenafil y tadalafil love locks on the bridge and they were weighing equivalent to 20 elephants.
The removal of the padlocks are expected to continue throughout the week.
Access vardenafil price to the bridge will be prohibited all the time until June 8.
Authorities have asked people generic tadalafil to use nearby bridges to cross the river.
The authorities are now looking into several humanitarian projects to recycle the metal used for the padlocks that have fallen under the new ban.


Video on the Paris Love locks removal from the bridge