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Nearly 120 US led air strikes on Iraq in one week


Baghdad: The US led international forces targeting the Islamic State militant group are reported to have carried out nearly 120 air strikes in Iraq over the past week.
This information is as per the figures released by the US-led coalition forces.
The strikes were concentrated on west and north of Baghdad especially in Anbar and Nineveh, provinces which are considered to be the IS strongholds in Iraq.
Targets of the coalition air strikes were mainly on IS units, fighting positions, buildings and equipments being used by the Jihadists etc.
The coalition sources said that it has conducted 26 air strikes in two days, the latest period for which figures were available.
During one past week, they had been conducted 119 air strikes at various IS locations in Iraq.
In the early days of an IS-led militant attack which occurred during last June, the Iraqi security forces were said to have performed very poorly.
This is the reason why the IS led militant group could plan successful attacks on the Sunni Arab heartlands in Iraq.
But, since then, the Iraqi forces have been managing to recapture significant territories from the hands of the Jihadists.
The Iraqi forces now have ample assistance from the pro-government paramilitaries, US-led coalition and Iran.
The support of the US led coalition is in the form of air strikes at key IS stronghold locations.
These timely air strikes have been supporting the Iraqi forces in their movements to recapture the territories from the IS militants.


Video on US led air strikes on Iraq