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Nestle’s Health Drink Milo causes uproar in New Zealand



Nestle’s classic health drink Milo has caused atrocity in New Zealand. According to many in New Zealand, it now tastes “yuck” and “horrible”. Milo, a cocoa based health drink powder, is sold in about 40 countries and consists mainly of malted barley, milk powder and sugar in addition to coca powder. For more than 80 years it has been hugely popular in New Zealand. Its delicious taste while having with hot milk was really fantastic. People of New Zealand are now up-roaring against the change of taste available while drinking their favorite Milo. Parent company Nestle said that it had made some changes to the New Zealand formula to make Milo more healthier

for children, and more environmentally sustainable. According to the company authorities the new formulation is the reason behind the slight shift in flavor. But Kiwis people do not feel it as so slight. They want the company to bring back the original taste for the health drink. However, the authorities have not revealed anything regarding the new formulation followed for the just launched Milo health drink.   Video on Nestle Milo Health Drink