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Office workers are advised to stand up for two hours per shift


England: Office staff are being advised to stand up by an organization which demands radical changes in the workplace.
They have suggested that office workers should simply get off their backsides and stand for two hours a day.
The aim of this new suggestion is to improve the health of office workers who are forced to do their cheap levitra online job for prolonged hours.
It has been understood that too much sitting leads to the risk of serious illness which in turn causes premature death.
The plan is being drawn up by international health experts at the request of Public Health in England and Active Working CIC.
Their guidance is being published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine and advised the use of sit-stand desks, standing-based work, and regular generic viagra online walk-about.
The researchers have pointed out that the British people are seated for 60% of their waking hours while the risk rates of such people sitting long term are 70%.
John Buckley, Professor of the Institute of Medicine, said that for those working in offices, 65 to 75% of their working hours are spent by sitting.
More than 50% viagra samples free pfizer of their works are done by prolonged periods of continuous sitting.
A first behavioral step regarding this could be to stand and

move more frequently as part of the concerned work.
The researchers have pointed out that some firms had already been designed a more active working environment for the well-being of their staff.
They have suggested that bosses should consider measures and decide when and how their staff to take breaks which involve standing as well as movement.
They have also recommended for desk designs and technologies that allow employees to do their job more easily and comfortably while standing up, either at their desk or from other occasions in the office. levitra vs cialis review


Video on standing desks to be used during prolonged viagra bph work schedule