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Pagoda Point in Yercaud


Pagoda point in Yercaud is one of the best view points from where the absolute view of Yercaud valley can be enjoyed to its maximum. This location offers panoramic scenes of the Salem town and enchanting views of the nearby the hilly region. The view point which situates on the eastern part of Yercaud hills is also known as the Pyramid Point since the four piles of stones seen here are more or less similar to Pyramids in Egypt. It is believed to have built by the local tribes inhibited the hills. These peculiar structures constructed by stones might be to commemorate one of their cultural events. A temple dedicated to Lord Rama is also seen in between the four stone piles.
This mesmerizing view point is approximately 7kms away from the Yercaud Lake. Usually a number of tourists come here to enjoy the natural beauty of the enthralling surroundings and also to get blessings from Lord Rama. The main entertainments that can be enjoyed are Balloon shooting and, Bow and Arrow. On the way to the Pagoda point there are facilities for Quad biking. This is an adventurous bike riding through rough paths of coffee plantations. Since there are a number of towering cliffs here, rock climbing is another delightful entertainment of this view point. To enjoy the enthralling surroundings and the beauty of misty mountain ranges, the best time to visit Pagoda Point is either during the sunrise or sunset. The heavenly beautiful location is an ideal place to enjoy the sceneries of Mother Nature and also to relax the body and mind of visitors.


Video on Pagoda point in Yercaud